The Copperplate Ghost

This is the story of my York Ghost Merchants Copperplate Ghost.

Midjourney marbled paper

Marbled paper textures made with Midjourney AI

A summary of this year's environmental data

Summarising some tidbits of analysis of my home environmental data from this past year, in the medium of tweets.

Analysing a year of rainfall data

A summary of a year of rainfall data, collected with my Raspberry Pi weather station and the Pimoroni Weather HAT.

Analysing home environmental data with InfluxDB and R

Learn how to read data straight from your InfluxDB database into R, and see some of the analysis that I've done of my data.

Logging Raspberry Pi environmental data to InfluxDB

Learn how to send environmental data from the Pimoroni Enviro board to an InfluxDB database on Raspberry Pi.