The Copperplate Ghost

This is the story of my York Ghost Merchants Copperplate Ghost.

Midjourney marbled paper

Marbled paper textures made with Midjourney AI

A summary of this year's environmental data

Summarising some tidbits of analysis of my home environmental data from this past year, in the medium of tweets.

Analysing a year of rainfall data

A summary of a year of rainfall data, collected with my Raspberry Pi weather station and the Pimoroni Weather HAT.

Analysing home environmental data with InfluxDB and R

Learn how to read data straight from your InfluxDB database into R, and see some of the analysis that I've done of my data.

Logging Raspberry Pi environmental data to InfluxDB

Learn how to send environmental data from the Pimoroni Enviro board to an InfluxDB database on Raspberry Pi.

Setting up InfluxDB and Grafana on the Raspberry Pi 4

How to set up an environmental data dashboard on a Raspberry Pi.

Story of the shot, part II

In this part, I break down an architectural shot.

Story of the shot, part I

Breaking down the process of creating one of my favourite photos.

Average selfie

Averaging 130 selfies taken over 18 months into an "average selfie".

iPod Video refurb

I refurbished an iPod Video and added 192GB of storage!


A lovely little trip to Edinburgh.


A summary of this year's trip to Berlin.

Roberts R600 refurb

Refurbishing a 50-year old Roberts R600 and adding a Pi Zero running Volumio.


Hand-making a sterling silver necklace for my wife's Christmas present.


Highlights of my trip to Berlin for Maker Faire.

Picade errata

Picade errata. Bits I missed the first time.



Piano HAT

A quick review of the new Pimoroni Piano HAT.

SAMtools flags

SAMtools flags for every occasion.

A new look

A fresher, cleaner look for my blog.


Slice is a Raspberry Pi compute module-powered media player.

8-bit shift registers and Explorer HAT

Control eight LEDs from just three pins with an 8-bit shift register.

The Explorer HAT Pro parts kit

Everything you need to get started with your Explorer HAT Pro.

PIN entry system

Create a PIN entry system with Explorer HAT Pro and the parts kit.

Explorer HAT Pro

Build a Lights Out game with Explorer HAT Pro.

A visit to Pimoroni

A write-up of my visit to the Pimoroni factory.

Visual notifications on the Raspberry Pi

Build a visual notification system with Unicorn HAT and Skywriter.

LEDs with added trigonometry

Create some pretty patterns with Unicorn HAT and trigonometric functions.

Using the Pimoroni Unicorn HAT and Skywriter as a colour palette

Use the Unicorn HAT and Skywriter as a colour palette that you control with your finger.

Controlling the Pimoroni Unicorn HAT with the Skywriter

Use your finger to control an LED spot with the Unicorn HAT and Skywriter.