Visual notifications on the Raspberry Pi

Here’s a nice quick one on how set up a visual notification system with a couple of Raspberry Pis, a Pimoroni Unicorn HAT LED matrix, Skywriter HAT 3D gesture sensor and a couple of USB wifi adaptors.

The inspiration was the tap notifications on the upcoming Apple Watch. I realised that you could set up something very similar with the kit above.

Apple Watch tap notifications

The end result is pretty awesome and takes next to no time to set up. You can see it in action below. It’d be ideal for quietly calling someone upstairs without waking the kids, for example.

Setting it up

What you’ll need:

As always, do a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade to get everything up-to-date on your Raspberry Pi.

As in my previous tutorials, set up the Unicorn HAT and Skywriter as follows:

sudo pip install unicornhat

and then

sudo pip install skywriter

Then you can clone the GitHub repo with the two scripts you’ll need by typing:

git clone

I’ll presume that you’ve set up wifi on your Raspberry Pis already, but if not then it’s really easy - just plug in a monitor and keyboard, launch the desktop by typing startx and then set up your wifi to connect to your router there.

You’ll need to make a note of the IP address of the Pi into which you’ve plugged the Unicorn HAT. You can find it by typing ifconfig and then looking under the wlan0 section. I set up all of this over SSH, but alternatively you could plug each Pi into a keyboard and monitor and start the two scripts running before moving them to wherever they’ll be getting used.

On the Pi with the Skywriter attached, the sender, you’ll need to edit the line that says host = '192.168.0.XX' and add the IP address that you wrote down earlier. Then run the script by typing:

sudo python

On the other Pi, with the Unicorn HAT on, type:

sudo python

You should see it say Waiting to receive messages....

Now, if everything is working properly, you should be able to tap the centre of the Skywriter on one Pi and the Unicorn HAT will pulse gently on the other Pi. There’s a touch of latency because the request has to go over wifi between the Pis, but it’s remarkably responsive in my testing.

A word of warning!

This sends the requests un-encrypted in the open between the Pis, so make sure that the port that your doing this over, 13000 in my script, isn’t open to the outside world. If you are concerned about this, then you can send all of the requests over SSH. I won’t go into how to do that here, but Google it if you want to do it that way. The other option is to use a router that isn’t connected to the internet and then security won’t be an issue.

Taking it further

The most obvious improvement for this would be to make it a two-way notification system. You could set this up with an extra Unicorn HAT and Skywriter and a couple of Black HAT Hack3rs.

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