Roberts R600 refurb

Just this past week, I’ve finished a refurb of a vintage Roberts R600 radio. The original radio wasn’t working, although the speaker was, so I decided to give the whole thing a thorough overhaul. The Pimoroni ARRR600 was born!

I completely gutted it, removing all but the speaker, the wooden housing, and the metal chassis that held the top panel in. I laser-cut a new top panel, added new buttons and two new rotary potentiometers with brushed aluminium knobs, and even laser-cut a new logo for the front.

The brains of the new radio was a Pi Zero with Wi-Fi dongle, a Speaker pHAT DAC/amp. to drive the speaker, and an Enviro pHAT to read the analog values from the rotary potentiometers (for volume and tuning) using its ADC.

You can read more about the project in my post on the Pimoroni blog here.

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