Story of the shot, part II

In this part, I break down an architectural shot.

Story of the shot, part I

Breaking down the process of creating one of my favourite photos.

Average selfie

Averaging 130 selfies taken over 18 months into an "average selfie".

iPod Video refurb

I refurbished an iPod Video and added 192GB of storage!


A lovely little trip to Edinburgh.


A summary of this year's trip to Berlin.

Roberts R600 refurb

Refurbishing a 50-year old Roberts R600 and adding a Pi Zero running Volumio.


Hand-making a sterling silver necklace for my wife's Christmas present.


Highlights of my trip to Berlin for Maker Faire.

Picade errata

Picade errata. Bits I missed the first time.



Piano HAT

A quick review of the new Pimoroni Piano HAT.

SAMtools flags

SAMtools flags for every occasion.

A new look

A fresher, cleaner look for my blog.


Slice is a Raspberry Pi compute module-powered media player.

8-bit shift registers and Explorer HAT

Control eight LEDs from just three pins with an 8-bit shift register.

The Explorer HAT Pro parts kit

Everything you need to get started with your Explorer HAT Pro.

PIN entry system

Create a PIN entry system with Explorer HAT Pro and the parts kit.

Explorer HAT Pro

Build a Lights Out game with Explorer HAT Pro.

A visit to Pimoroni

A write-up of my visit to the Pimoroni factory.

Visual notifications on the Raspberry Pi

Build a visual notification system with Unicorn HAT and Skywriter.

LEDs with added trigonometry

Create some pretty patterns with Unicorn HAT and trigonometric functions.

Using the Pimoroni Unicorn HAT and Skywriter as a colour palette

Use the Unicorn HAT and Skywriter as a colour palette that you control with your finger.

Controlling the Pimoroni Unicorn HAT with the Skywriter

Use your finger to control an LED spot with the Unicorn HAT and Skywriter.